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PFCCpartners committed to building a community of health care providers, administrators and patients and families coming together in partnership to improve the quality, safety, experience and delivery of health care.



Patient & Family Centered Care recognizes that the quality, safety and delivery of health care is improved when the expertise of health care providers is partnered with the experience of patients & families.  From the bedside to the boardroom, patient & family centered care is about partnering to design policies, programs and individual care plans for the best possible outcomes for patients, their families and health care providers.




For patients, PFCC means that patient needs and priorities for their own health will be heard by a health care team who will respect and value them as an active participant in their own care. Empowering patients and families to be confident and comfortable in the health care environment sets the table for true collaboration.

Health care organizations across the country are developing the policies, programs and facilities to build partnerships between health care providers and their patients. Within the care giving relationship, PFCC provides a basis of respect where patients & families can provide essential information, which directly impacts the clinical outcomes.  In the context of health care organizations, partnerships with patients & families ensures the patient will be kept at the center of every interaction within your health care organization.

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  1. Sharon Cray permalink

    Hi Libby,
    My name is Sharon Cray and I am a member of the Family Advisory Council for the I-PASS Family Centered Rounds project with Dale. I just wanted to thank you for your time on our call last week. It is always fascinating to me to hear another parent’s story. Thank you for your thoughts and insights!

    • Always a pleasure to speak with fellow PFA’s motivated to bring positive change to their hospitals! Keep in touch, I would love to hear about your progress in the coming months! Take good care, Libby

  2. Roberta Mori permalink

    We started our third cohort of teams to develop Patient and Family Advisory Councils at Sutter Health yesterday. This cohort contains Hospitals, Medical Clinic and Home Care along with two ICU teams that plan to establish peer support groups for ICU patients post discharge. We are delighted to work with Libby, Lindsey and the PFCCpartners team to bring this work to our oranization and to fully engage patients in all aspects of care. Thank you PFCCpartners you are visionary leaders. We could not do this without your guidance and support.

  3. Judy Begley permalink

    Had a good phone meeting with Libby, Lyndsey and Deanna this morning to help us figure out how to regroup and refocus our efforts and re-energize our PFAC here in Lompoc. Got some good ideas about how to move forward. Also got us thinking about attending the Conference in March to get even more great ideas and insights. Thanks for your patience with me today 🙂

  4. Deon Allen permalink

    Had a blast meeting Libby and her incredible team at Putting Care at the Center 2022. Your such a dynamic group doing excellent work in the field. Kudos on hosting our opening breakfast. It was terrific! I do hope to engage with you in the future. Best. Deon Allen

    • It was truly a pleasure to meet you!!! Thank you for joining us, we look forward to welcoming you to the community!

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