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Monthly Workshops

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PFCCpartners January Workshop 

PFCCpartners Annual Update Libby Hoy

Join us for a review of the growth of the PFCCpartners community in 2018 and learn about offerings to support hospitals, ambulatory settings, behavioral health centers, patients and families, research teams, quality improvement organizations and national partners to integrate patient family centered care culture in our healthcare system. Skills development programs for Patient Family Advisors build the capacity of the growing PFAnetwork. Clinical teams, improvement staff, and all stakeholders will benefit from the strategic planning tools and programs for implementation. We will also share PFCCpartners areas of focus for the new year. PFCCpartners continues to respond to the shifting needs of our healthcare partners to create a community of shared learning about implementation of authentic patient family engagement.



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Speaking Engagements 

Do you have a keynote address, breakout session, webinar, corporate meeting or corporate retreat addressing Patient Family Centered Care topics?  We invite you to contact PFCCpartners to learn more about Libby Hoy and other members of the PFCCpartners Speakers Bureau.

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