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PFCCpartners April Workshop

Empowering Patients, Families, and Staff Members to Engage

Join PFCCpartners in welcoming Marion Moore, Patient Experience Manager at Dignity Health for the April Workshop. Marion is a champion of empowering patients, families & staff members to fully engage in the clinical experience and will highlight some of that work at Dignity Health. Learn the importance the clinical relationship and how patients and families can be more engaged in their care. The focus will be using that personal connection and caring relationship to foster a team approach in which patients, families, and caregivers work together.


PFCCpartners May Workshop

Utilizing Objectives and Key Results for Strategic PFAC Planning

The goal of Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is to connect organization, team, and personal objectives to measurable results, ensuring everyone works together in a cohesive direction. Join us as we apply this concept to Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) by connecting your organization’s, PFAC’s and each individual’s objectives to measurable results that inform the strategic goals of your organization. We will present a Case Study from Lompoc Valley Medical Center who has been utilizing the OKR method with their PFAC.


Speaking Engagements 

Do you have a keynote address, breakout session, webinar, corporate meeting or corporate retreat addressing Patient Family Centered Care topics?  We invite you to contact PFCCpartners to learn more about Libby Hoy and other members of the PFCCpartners Speakers Bureau.

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