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PFCCpartners September Workshop

Seeking Input From Patients and Families on Informing Researchers How to Meaningfully Conduct Patient-Centered Research

Caroline S. Blaum, MD, MS
Alyce S. Adams, PhD

The AGING (Advancing Geriatrics Infrastructure and Network Growth) Initiative is an ongoing collaboration between scientists working within health care systems and those in university settings to create an enduring national resource to pursue an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on older adults with multiple chronic conditions. The efforts of the AGING Initiative will ultimately translate into the delivery of higher quality care for this growing population of high-cost, high-need patients. However, previous work through the AGING Initiative did not specifically focus on engaging patients and families. In the new phase of the AGING Initiative we want to involve patients and families right away, just as we are staring out, to help us plan for (1) partnership and collaboration with patients and families in all phases of research; (2) creating and investing in long term robust partnerships; and (3) patient engagement in research as a cyclical and iterative process.

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