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Monthly Workshops

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PFCCpartners January Workshop 

PFCCpartners Annual Update Libby Hoy

Join us for a review of the PFCCpartners community in 2018 and learn about PFCCpartners priorities for 2019.  Patient Family Centered Care practice relies on authentically engaging patients and families across the continuum of care.  As exciting as the growth in engagement practices has been in recent years, we have new challenges to face in the coming year.  During this session, we’ll share some of PFCCpartners ideas for increasing the diversity represented in patient family engagement practice, bringing patient family engagement to underserved and rural regions and addressing the looming question of compensation for advisory efforts.



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Speaking Engagements 

Do you have a keynote address, breakout session, webinar, corporate meeting or corporate retreat addressing Patient Family Centered Care topics?  We invite you to contact PFCCpartners to learn more about Libby Hoy and other members of the PFCCpartners Speakers Bureau.

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