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PFCC Workplan

PFCC Workplan

Take the next step in your journey to creating a culture of patient and family centered care!

The PFCC Workplan Package will help you develop and execute a patient family centered care (PFCC) improvement strategy in your organization.  We meet you where you are on the journey to a PFCC culture and work from there to highlight opportunities for improvement, and available resources that will strengthen strategy.

The PFCCpartners Annual Workplan was included in the National Academy of Medicine Guiding Framework to Patient Engaged Care as a tool for evaluating the elements of a patient family centered care culture in your organization.  The strategy developed through our collaboration will align your efforts with national standards and best practices for patient and family engagement, including PFACs.

During the 90-minute PFCC Workplan we will examine the current state, opportunities for improvement, and relevant resources for the development of:

  • Executive Support
  • PFCC Leadership
  • Patient Family Engagement (PFAC)
  • PFCC Impact on Practice
  • Organizational Improvement
  • PFCC Environment

***2 hours of individual or team coaching is also included for those little bumps in the road***

 Who Can Benefit: Hospitals, Health Systems, Outpatient Clinics, Unit Based Efforts, QIN/QIOs, TCPI Networks, HIINs, State Hospital Associations looking to engage patients and families.

To Get Started: Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you withing 2 business days with more information.



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