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Skills Development Day

February 28, 2017
California Endowment Center in Los Angeles, CA





Join us for a another day of furthering your skills!  The day after the PFCC Conference we will be offering a day of development featuring two options to choose from:


Patient Family Advisor Skills Exchange (PFASE)

8:00am-12:30pm PST

The Patient Family Advisor Skills Exchange (PFASE) is a preparation program for patients and families partnering with hospitals and healthcare organizations in an Advisory capacity for improvement.

Who should attend?

  • Current Patient Family Advisors and newly recruited Patient Family Advisors.
  • All those serving as advisors, either on Patient Family Advisory Councils, on Boards or committees or a newly designated partner will benefit from this training.
  • PFAs in the process of developing PFCC in healthcare settings are also encouraged to attend.

Non-PFCCpartners Member Participant Fee – $150

PFCCpartners Member Participant Fee – $120


Facilitator Training

8:00am-4:00pm PST

This course will provide healthcare staff the tools, resources, and support to utilize the Patient Family Advisor Skills Exchange (PFASE) curriculum in their preparing PFA partners.  Curriculum allows individuals to schedule and facilitate the PFASE independently or with support of the PFCCpartners staff.

Who should consider becoming a PFA Skills Exchange Facilitator*:

  • Hospital/healthcare organization staff members who oversee expanding Patient Family Advisory Councils
  • Experienced Patient Family Advisors with a desire to support the growth of others in that role
  • People with a passion for building the capacity and development of Patient Family Advisors

*To effectively engage through the PFA Skills Exchange Curriculum, Facilitators must have at least 1 year of experience in partnering with Patient Family Advisors.

Non-PFCCpartners Member Participant Fee – $960

PFCCpartners Member Participant Fee – $800


 If you have any questions regarding the Skills Development Day, please call the PFCCpartners office at 562-961-1100


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