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Core Competencies of Effective Partners Training (CCT)

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  • Assessing Current State
  • Integrating PFCC components into existing organizational structure
  • Patient and Family Engagement Strategies
  • Identifying and breaking down barriers to PFCC
  • Creating Leadership Buy In
  • Empowering Staff to Embrace PFCC
  • Strategic Planning for PFCC
  • PFCC Staff Training
  • Establishing Patient and Family Advisory Councils
  • Connecting to National, Regional and Local Resources for PFCC
  • Assembling and preparing Patient Family Advisory Panels for meetings & conferences



PFCC Presentations

Libby Hoy has been speaking on topics related to the practice of Patient and Family Centered Care from the perspective of the Patient and Family member for the last 20 years.  As a consultant to dozens of hospitals and healthcare organizations, she inspires the practice of patient and family centered care in healthcare professionals as well as patient and family partners.  Past Presentations, Speaking Engagements, and Workshops


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