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Quality Improvement Basics for PFAs

Partnering with Providers in Quality Improvement

This is a 2 part online series.  Next dates will be posted here soon.

Integrating Advisors on to quality improvement teams is key to having the patient perspective be represented in your organization. However, most Advisors are novice to the idea of quality improvement and how changes are made within your organization. This curriculum provides the context Advisors need in order to have an impact if they are partnering with their providers on process or quality improvement teams. Interactive components of the curriculum brings adult learning to light and helps Advisors understand some simple methodology behind the complex processes used on quality improvement teams in your organization.


Advisors will:

  • Understand organizational culture and change processes
  • Practice a variety of process improvement methods including Lean, Six Sigma, and Root Cause Analysis
  • Learn how data is used for improvement (understanding Run Charts, Control Charts)
  • Understand the role of patients and families in quality improvement
  • Learn how to prepare for partnership on process improvement teams to have the greatest impact
If your organization is interested in having this curriculum presented to your Advisors, contact
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