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PFANetwork News

We would like to welcome ERICA STEED to the PFCCpartners’ team as the new PFANetwork Coordinator!

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Tell us about yourself – take the PFANetwork Advisor Interest Survey!  

As interest and participation in the PFANetwork continues to grow, we are developing a registry to improve our ability to make connections for you to one another for support and to engagement opportunities.  The more we understand your Advisory activities, priorities, and interests, the more we can support your efforts.   Please contact Lindsey with questions at

Click Here to take the Advisor Interest Survey!




Through a collaboration between Smart Patients and PFCCpartners, we will be migrating our online community platform to the Smart Patients platform.  This will provide Advisors with the opportunity to connect with Advisors as well as tap into additional opportunities for peer support.  We are very excited to be partnering with Smart Patients to strengthen the PFANetwork.


Join the conversation on next month’s PFANetwork Virtual Meeting on June 14, 2017 from Noon to 1pm PST where we will provide even more opportunities and information to empower you as an Advisor.   PFANetwork Virtual Meeting log in information below.


Telephone: +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 872 321 887

International numbers available:





May PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Erica Steed, PFCCpartners

(PFANetwork Virtual Meeting begins at minute 13:00 so please fast forward)

April PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Lindsey Bourne, PFCCpartners


March PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Libby Hoy, Founder and CEO of PFCCpartners

National Academy of Medicine Guiding Framework for Person Family Engaged Care

February PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Lindsey Bourne, PFCCpartners

February PFAN Virtual Meeting SLIDE DECK


January PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Janice Tufte, PFANetwork Member and PCORI Ambassador

and PFA Summit Workgroup Update

December PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Libby Hoy, Founder and CEO of PFCCpartners

PFA Summit Review

November PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Ariana Longley and Jordan Gamart from Patient Safety Movement

October PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

 DeAunne Denmark from Smart Patients

Online Peer-to-Peer Support


September PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Jacinta Smith from Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative


August PFANetwork Virtual Meeting

Patient Priority Research Agenda Community 

July PFANetwork Call

Open Notes -Slide Deck

June PFANetwork Call

April PFANetwork Call

March PFANetwork Call

February PFANetwork Call


In other news…

Family Caregiving Story Contest

The John A. Hartford Foundation has announced the prize winners and finalists of its Family Caregiving Story Contest: “Better Caregiving, Better Lives: Real Life Strategies and Solutions.” See the Foundation’s Health AGEnda post and visit the story contest page to read the three prize-winning stories, along with those of the other eight finalists. You are invited to share these stories and use them in your own work as teaching and advocacy tools.


PFA Summit Affinity Activity


Contra Costa County Health System

Read PFANetwork member Teresa Pasquini’s impact on the Contra Costa County health system.  One voice, your voice, makes a difference.  Way to go, Teresa!  Modern Healthcare


Patient Family Advisor Survey Results

Thank you to all of you who took the time to provide your input in the PFA Survey.  Please access the results PFA Questionnaire data.  You might use these results to continue to progress the integration of PFA’s into your organization.


To become a member of the PFANetwork, please fill out the information below:


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