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Partnership in ICU Communication Outcomes Report

Effective communication is necessary in intensive care units (ICUs), where high-stakes decisions are routinely made. Finding solutions to overcome communication barriers requires collaboration from patients and their families, healthcare providers, and researchers.

The goal of this catalyst project was to leverage the expertise and networks of the partners in the proposal (ICU clinician, expert in patient and family-centered care, and health services researcher) to convene stakeholders from two large healthcare organizations in Southern California (Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and Southern California Kaiser Permanente). By conducting a workshop with these participants to discuss communication dilemmas in the ICU, our objective was to identify practical solutions that improve shared-decision making and promote patient-centered care.

Research reported in this publication was supported by the National Academy of Sciences, Building Capacity for Science Communication Partnership Awards with funding from the Rita Allen Foundation and the Kavli Foundation, under award number: 2000010857

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