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Orme Partnership Award

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The Harry Orme, MD Partnership Award was established in 2013 to recognize a Patient Family Advisor and Healthcare Professional team whose authentic partnership has resulted in genuine patient family centered care practice and culture. In this survey, we want to hear why you think the nominees demonstrate Dr. Harry Orme’s vision of patient partnerships in system design, evaluation and improvement.

About Dr. Harry Orme

Dr. Harry Orme, or “Huggable Harry” as he was affectionately known, served as the founding Medical Director at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA. Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Orme valued the contribution and engagement of the families of the children he treated, always greeting everyone he encountered with warmth, setting the stage for respectful partnership. As Medical Director, Dr. Orme created a culture of respect, dignity and support and embodied the clinician-patient partnership. To honor his vision, leadership and commitment to Patient Family Centered Care practice, the Orme Partnership Award was established at the PFCC Conference in 2013. Though Dr. Orme passed away last year, we will honor his legacy by continuing to celebrate partnership in health systems.

Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of PFCC practice experts and evaluated on the criteria below. Selections will be announced mid-July 2020. Awardees will be recognized virtually on the 10th Annual PFCC Conference September 21, 2020. Recipients are encouraged to attend the 2020 PFCC Conference.

Achievement Criteria: Within the last 3 years

1. Nominees should demonstrate active partnership in co design of health systems, policy, research, safety initiatives or quality improvement efforts.
2. Nominees may represent hospitals, community-based healthcare organizations and/or policy and research efforts or any stakeholder in the healthcare environment.
3. Nominees should be reflective of an established relationship, formal or informal, based in authentic collaboration and mutual respect, with the goal of improving healthcare for patients and families served at the organization.

To submit a nomination, see the template below.  Self-nominations accepted. For questions, please call 562- 961-1100.

Nomination Template and Link to Nomination form Here

Orme Partnership Achievement Award Nomination Deadline July 3, 2020.


Past Orme Partnership Award Recipients


Bob and Barb Mallizzo, PFAs and Dennis Wagner and Paul McGann, CMS Partnership for Patients; Randy Gonchar, PFA and Caroline Moore, MP, BIDMC / Advisor Rounding Program; Judey Miller, PFA and ‘Dexter’ Janet Borrowman, Kaiser – Permanente Peer Mentor & Support programs; Desiree Collins Bradley, PFA and Elaine Hime, Project DOCC Houston, Baylor College of Medicine


Bryant Campbell, PFA and Doug Niehus, MD from Providence Medical Group in Oregon and Southwest Washington.


David Andrews, Patient Family Advisor, Erica Steed, Manager Patient Family Engagement, Bernard Roberson, Administrative Director of PFCC and Nicole Boatwright, GRHealth.


Zelia De Sousa, PFAC Chair and Annette Mercurio, MPH, MCHES Director of Programs Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center, Department of Supportive Care Medicine, City of Hope, Duarte CA.


Alice Gunderson, PFAC Co Chair, City of Hope and MaryLynne Knighten, Chief Nursing Officer, St. Francis Medical Center, Lynwood CA.

  1. Kelly M Cason permalink

    I enjoy being a part of the wonderful improvements here at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Being a 3 time survivor using my time as an advisor has helped with my personal healing and growth. I fill driven to assist institution anyway possible!

    • Your efforts have driven great change, under strong leadership and passionate clinicians! Congratulations on your efforts!

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