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Orme Partnership Award

The Harry Orme, MD Partnership Award was established in 2013 to recognize a Patient Family Advisor and Healthcare Professional team whose authentic partnership has resulted in authentic patient family centered care practice and culture.

About Dr. Harry Orme
Dr. Harry Orme, or “Huggable Harry” as he is affectionately referred to, served as the founding Medical Director at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA. Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Orme valued the contribution and engagement of the families of the children he treated, always greeting everyone he encountered with warmth, setting the stage for respectful partnership. As Medical Director, Dr. Orme created a culture of respect, dignity and support and embodied the provider-patient partnership. In his retirement, Dr. Orme remains a steadfast supporter of Patient Family Centered Care practice. To honor his vision, leadership and commitment, the Orme Partnership Award was established at this conference in 2013.

The 2017 Orme Partnership Awardees are

Bryant Campbell, PFA and Doug Niehus, MD

Providence Medical Group


The population of patients and families served by Providence medical group is large and covers Oregon and Southwest Washington.  How patients interact with and become integrated into the PCMH is impacted by the materials developed by the advisors – this includes the portal, brochures, educational materials, etc.  Strong partnership messages have been created with the advisors and set the stage for deep and meaningful partnerships.

In 2011, Providence Medical Group established a Patient and Family Advisory Council. Bryant and Doug are charter members. Together they have helped provide leadership to the implementation of the Patient-Centered Medical Home. They have demonstrated consistent and respectful partnership as the council has matured. Because of the success of this overarching PFAC, a number of Providence clinics have established local clinic PFACs. The original PFAC is now called the Executive PFAC and are guiding the operational and strategic focus of the medical group through continued input and engagement.

These two men are articulate, share a passion for this work, demonstrate a strong commitment to PFCC, and exhibit good senses of humor. When you observe them interact with each other and in the council setting, they are respectful, collaborative, and great role models for others seeking to establish strong, lasting partnerships to transform health care.


Past Orme Partnership Award Recipients


David Andrews, Patient Family Advisor, Erica Steed, Manager Patient Family Engagement, Bernard Roberson, Administrative Director of PFCC and Nicole Boatwright, GRHealth


Zelia De Sousa, PFAC Chair and Annette Mercurio, MPH, MCHES Director of Programs Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center, Department of Supportive Care Medicine, City of Hope, Duarte CA.


Alice Gunderson, PFAC Co Chair, City of Hope and MaryLynne Knighten, Chief Nursing Officer, St. Francis Medical Center, Lynwood CA.

  1. Kelly M Cason permalink

    I enjoy being a part of the wonderful improvements here at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Being a 3 time survivor using my time as an advisor has helped with my personal healing and growth. I fill driven to assist institution anyway possible!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your efforts have driven great change, under strong leadership and passionate clinicians! Congratulations on your efforts!


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