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The Conversation Project

The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.  It’s not easy to talk about how you want the end of your life to be. But it’s one of the most important conversations you can have with your loved ones.  The Conversation Project will help you get your thoughts together and to have the conversation.


  Sutter Health Patient & Family Partner Newsletter


Hospital Improvement Innovation Network

PFCCpartners is proud to support the 16 national, regional, or state hospital associations, Quality Improvement Organizations, and health system organizations awarded contracts from the Hospital Improvement Innovation Network.  We look forward to partnering in the next three years with these organizations to continue to make care safer for all Americans.  To read more about the HIIN work, please click here.

PFCCpartners Congratulates Dr. Paul McGann, Jean Moody-Williams, and Dennis Wagner

Three of the QIO program’s leaders – Dr. Paul McGann, Chief Medical Officer for Quality Improvement; Jean Moody-Williams, Deputy Director, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality; and Dennis Wagner, Director, Quality Improvement and Innovation Group – were honored with the Federal Employee of the Year Award, one of the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals.

The winners were chosen from more than 350 nominees by a selection committee that included leaders from government, business, the foundation and nonprofit community, academia, entertainment, and the media.



State Rebuffed, Won’t Move Fragile Kids to Managed Care — For Now

By David Gorn

California Healthline – The Daily Digest of News, Policy & Opinion


Consumers Advancing Patient Safety – CAPS

Take the Safety Across the Board Pledge!

Safety Across the Board Pledge








PFCCpartners is pleased to announce Sutter Health as a new Sustaining Member 

We welcome Sutter to the PFCCpartner Community and look forward to learning collaboratively as we support the Sutter Health System in their journey to authentic engagement of patients and families to integrate Person Family Centered Care practice.



Congratulations to the BETA Gateways teams on their successful completion of the Gateways to PFAC program!

Mammoth Hospital

Keck Medicine of USC – Verdugo Hills

Keck Medicine of USC – Ambulatory

El Camino Hospital

Lompoc Valley Medical Center

group photo








PFCCpartners is proud to once again collaborate with Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) to present Engage! 

A tiered program helping hospitals in California to develop and strengthen their patient family engagement efforts.  For more information, please connect with Boris Kalanj at

Patients on Board – Engaging Patients and Families as Partners in Care and Organizational Improvement



All In – Using Healthcare Collaboratives to Save Lives and Improve Care

If you’re working to improve healthcare, address patient safety, strengthen quality, streamline operations or enhance quality improvement, this book will benefit you. It includes insights from more than 35 authors (including Libby Hoy, founder of PFCCpartners) with deep, pragmatic experience sharing how to design, run and fund successful healthcare learning collaboratives. It covers a broad array of topics, starting with accelerating change at scale and ending with predictions on the future of collaboratives.

Practical topics explored in this collection include recruitment, budgeting, data and measurement, patient activation and leadership. You’ll find collaboration is an effective way to reduce the cycle time for improvement, with colleagues and, in some cases, even competitors.

The surprising part of shared learning with collaboratives is often the personal and professional joy that accompanies making care better. In the end, patients and families are the big winners and new stakeholders in the success of collaboratives. Collaborating is superior to going it alone. Why would you want to learn any other way?

To order click here


PFCCpartners is a proud member of the Leadership Team for the 100 Million Healthier Lives which is an unprecedented collaboration of change agents across sectors who are pursuing an unprecedented result:

Mission: 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020.
Vision: to fundamentally transform the way the world thinks and acts to improve health, well-being and equity to get to breakthrough results.
Together, we are systematically creating a community of solutions to the most intractable challenges that stand in the way of achieving health, wellbeing and equity across the globe.



Stanford Health Care Publication Fall/2015


Call for Proposals

24th International HPH Conference is now open.

(June 8-10, 2016, New Haven (CT), USA)


Coalition for Quality in Geriatric Surgery

The Coalition for Quality in Geriatric Surgery Project website is now live.

Patient and Family Collaborative Survey

The Consumers Advancing Patient Safety Provider Advisory Council
is pleased to introduce the Patient and Family Collaborative Survey.  This survey is intended to measure perspectives of patient advocates and former participants of the Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Networks on improvements in patient safety and quality.  Our tool by design is intended to include various voices and stakeholders of health care and therefore please feel free to share the below links.  Please choose the survey which best describes your experience/role; Patient Advocate, or former participant of the HEN Partnership.



Gateways #1 Launches the National Coordinating Center (NCC) on the journey to establishing a Beneficiary Family Advisory Council (BFAC) 

It is our pleasure to be working with the energetic and committed team at the NCC to create space for  medicare beneficiaries to actively and intentionally inform at our highest levels of national improvement work.  PFCCpartners looks forward to supporting and guiding the development of the Beneficiary Family Advisory Council.

The March 20, 2015 Patient Family Advisors Skills Exchange was held in North Carolina

Cambridge PFASE photo






Family Caregiving Story Contest: “Better Caregiving, Better Lives: Real Life Strategies and Solutions.”

The John A. Hartford Foundation has announced the prize winners and finalists of its Family Caregiving Story Contest: “Better Caregiving, Better Lives: Real Life Strategies and Solutions.” See the Foundation’s Health AGEnda post and visit the story contest page to read the three prize-winning stories, along with those of the other eight finalists. You are invited to share these stories and use them in your own work as teaching and advocacy tools.


Strengthening the Role of Patient & Family Leaders in Healthcare Improvement

PFCCpartners cited as an expert in the Institute of Medicine’s report “Strengthening the Role of Patient & Family Leaders in Healthcare Improvement”


CAN 25 BestPractices

Congratulations to PFCCpartners team member, Tara Bristol, on being recognized by Caregiver Action Network.  Visit links below.




 PFCCpartners is proud to be a Founding Partner of the 100 Million Healthier Lives Campaign.


PFCC Partners is proud to announce it’s Membership in the National Quality Forum.

We look forward to collaborating, learning and improving together.



PATIENT PASSPORT Available here!

NQF Patient Passport_v.1.0. FINAL

The Patient Passport is the product of the National Quality Forum, Patient Family Engagement Team



Telligen Awarded National Coordinating Center Contract

PFCC Partners subcontracts to provide Patient Family Engagement services for QIO-QINs


Caregiver Action Network 

25 Best Practices in Patient Family Engagement includes 2 PFCC Partner Team Members!
“There are many great programs across the country to improve patient-centered care,” said John Schall, Chief Executive Officer of CAN. “There is a growing realization that health care works best when patients and family caregivers are not simply interested bystanders, but an integral part of the health care team.”

CAN identified “25 of the Nation’s Best Practices in Patient and Family Engagement” – examples of patients, caregivers, hospital staff and hospital systems creating innovative programs to help ensure healthier outcomes for patients.

Schall emphasized the core goal of the project and CAN’s role in it: “Improving communication with patients and families can and will improve patient outcomes. That’s why CAN wants to highlight providers who empower patients and caregivers to act as advocates, and make institutional changes that improve patient care.”



Thank you AHA

Read the Physician News Network Article about the SLHQ event

What a humbling opportunity to join the American Hospital Association in San Diego for the SLHQ these past few days.  AHA assembled a top notch team of keynote speakers from outside healthcare to bring insight in Leadership, Team Work and Innovation.  Breakout sessions represented the priorities the healthcare community faces as we move toward improving the quality, safety and experience of healthcare.

Under the guidance of Tanya Lord, Patient Family Engagement Specialist from the New Hampshire Hospital Engagement Network, more then 50 Patient Family Advisors were included in the four day learning event.  Our group represented partners in policy making, partners in national engagement efforts and partners serving on PFACs across the country, truly an All Star group!  In a panel put together by Marty Hatlie, Partnership for Patients/Consumers Advocating for Patient Safety, we learned of the impact PFAC members at Bay State Medical Center were having in improving physician communication in the Emergency Department.  We also heard about the methodical implementation of Patient Family Advisors at MedStar.

As I work with hospitals to establish or improve PFAC’s, one of the basic elements is that PFAC membership should always reflect the diversity of the population being served.  It follows that, as the AHA serves hospitals across the country, this group of 50 should also reflect that diversity.  As i looked around the room at the 50+ PFA’s, I saw tremendous diversity of culture, of experience, of gender and age, as well as tremendous diversity in the avenues of partnership.  We have so much to learn from one another and from our healthcare colleagues.  I applaud the AHA for inviting Patients and Families into your event, into your struggles and into your solution design process.

I am grateful and look forward to expanding our partnership.


Read the Physician News Network Article about the SLHQ event


Message of Collaboration

The message of collaboration was a significant conference take-away for me. Collaboration, free of competition, is the key to advancing any work. We do injustice to the process if we choose to compete rather than join forces and educate one another. We have been handed this opportunity to make a difference for patient centered healthcare, and we don’t want to lose that momentum. There is always opportunity to learn and grow – it’s not wise to ever think we’ve arrived and become the best. As soon as we do that, complacency sets in and we can’t lead with the humility needed to make changes.  

-Stephanie Young, PFA Spectrum Health  





Past events…


Partnership for Patients:  An Update on Engaging Patients & Families in Safety Across the Board

PFCC Partners is glad to collaborate with the Partnership for Patients to present this update on the campaign and the ways patients and families are being engaged to create Safety Across the Board. No fee.

Recording Available Here 

Patient & Family Advisory Network Growing Capacity

As we approach the 1 year mark of the Patient Family Advisor Network (PFAN), I am glad to say there has never been such need for Patient Family Advisors to have a place to come together to further define our role, our common messages and our future in moving healthcare toward a truly patient centered culture.

On our last PFAN call, we had PFA’s from across the country who have been in this work for many years, share their visions for the future integration of PFA’s into national programs as well as our local level efforts.  Partnership for Patients is creating some goals around increasing the number and diversity of PFA’s partnering within the campaign.  PCORI continues to be a leader in establishing patient family partnerships in all of it’s funded projects.  Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) convened 25 PFA’s into it’s 25th annual Forum this week.  And the IOM has recently shown interest in creating a structure for partnering with Patients and Families in very real way.  Many leading healthcare improvement and regulatory organizations are declaring the value of patient family partnership bringing the voice of the patient to the table.

At a more local level, Beta Health Group, California Readmissions Summit, Cal Hospital Engagement Network and the Hospital Association of Southern California have all hosted meetings with Patient Family Partnerships as either a focus or included in the agenda.   This is tremendous growth!  When PFCC Partners hosted the first PFCC Conference in California in 2010, there were no other meetings including patients and families.  This is real change, real impact on the healthcare system.

With growth, we are presented with many challenges as well.  As a group, PFA’s are asking “What is our value? Should we be compensated?  What will that look like?  What are the core competencies needed to be a patient family advisor?  What shall we call ourselves?  What kind of preparation do we need?  These are all important discussion points that we as a community of Patient Family Advisors need to tackle….and soon.

I would like to offer the PFCC Partners PFANetwork as a forum to gather, share knowledge and build our community.

When we launched the PFANetwork last year, the vision for the network was to provide resources, support and empowerment to PFAs working in their community health settings. Secondly, we wanted to build a community of best practices for PFA work and lastly to connect local efforts to the state, regional and national programs integrating Patient Family Advisors.  It is this last point, where we have illuminated an additional to tackle some of the issues that are repeatedly coming up in conversation across the country.

Perhaps in the future, this Network will be better served to be under the umbrella of a larger organization, but for the moment, I suggest we as a community of Advisors join together here to start the conversation.



Patient Family Engagement Success Stories

Partnership for Patients is compiling an inventory of success stories from hospitals utilizing patient family engagement as a strategy to improve the safety of care.  These Success Stories are written in a format intended for others to learn and replicate.  Please visit the Partnership for Patients Resource Center for great ideas to engage your patients & families.


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