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National Coordinating Center – QIN QIO

 Congratulations VHQC, MetaStar, HSAG and HealthInsight New Mexico!!!

Final Learning Session for the QIN QIO Gateways Learning Collaborative today! Four newly created PFACs to inform and support the improvement work of the QIN QIOs. I have been so impressed with VHQC, HealthInsight New Mexico, HSAG and MetaStar for committed the time, energy and resources to creating a sustainable structure for patients, families, beneficiaries to authentically engage in improving the health and health system. CONGRATULATIONS! 

The 2015 Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program Progress Report from the Centers for Medicare


Press Release, September 2014

Telligen has been awarded the NCC contract for the QIO-QIN’s effective September 1, 2014. PFCCpartners will serve as a sub contractor to support the integration of authentic patient family engagement practices across the QIO-QIN organizations. PFCCpartners is honored to serve in this role and looks forward to working with new collaborative partners across the country to make meaningful improvement in care.


2015 in Review:

PFCCpartners presented the Gateways Collaborative to the National Coordinating Center and 12 Quality Improvement Networks (QIN), creating robust Beneficiary/Patient/Family Advisory Councils for these multi state Networks.  The time, effort and dedication the NCC and QIN teams put into creating these sustainable structures to inform their work in the QIN contracts was tremendous.   As a group, we all learned about how to create integrated BFACs virtually.  Over the course of the six month program, the QIN’s engaged medicare beneficiaries from across the country into co design efforts.  PFCCpartners looks forward to continuing to support the QIN’s in this effort through the Gateways Alumni group.


New Gateways Collaborative launching in February, 2016 for Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO)

Are you a medicare beneficiary or the caregiver for a medicare beneficiary?  Please consider getting involved to improve the quality of care by joining a Beneficiary/Patient/Family Advisory Council.  New groups will be starting in the Spring of 2016.  For more information, please contact

If you are part of a Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) and are interested in participating in a future Gateways Collaborative to establish a Beneficiary/Patient/Family Advisory Council, please contact




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