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Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

PFCCpartners is partnered with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LAC DHS) to establish Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) and a foundation of the person family engaged care framework throughout the health system which includes four hospitals and various Ambulatory Facilities. In this project, LAC DHS facilities are first led through the Gateways to PFAC Learning Collaborative to establish local PFACs so the patient perspective can influence the design of care processes and improvements, ensuring that the systems of care are truly centered on the patients and families of Los Angeles County.

These PFACs are a foundational strategy for creating a person family engaged care culture in Los Angeles County.  Patient engaged care is care that is planned, delivered, managed, and continuously improved in active partnership with patients and their family members.  Patient engaged care means that every patient’s individual health preferences, priorities, goals, and values are at the center of the care they receive.  To build a healthcare system in LA County that can provide patient engaged care, we partner directly with the patients and families in the LA County system PFACs to co-design structures, processes, and policies.

In May 2019, the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services teams completed the 5-month Gateways to PFAC Learning Collaborative. 100% of the teams completed the Gateways Collaborative and are actively planning their first advisory council meetings. To celebrate, they came together as one team to share what they learned and acknowledge their successes. To learn more about the teams and what comes next for Los Angeles Department of Health, check out the Spotlight article in The Pulse.

Connect with us to learn more or get involved with the local work in Los Angeles County.

If you are a patient or family member using an LAC healthcare facility, join the PFAnetwork to connect with your local PFAC.

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