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Job Title: Engagement Specialist
Position Type: Full-time
Location: TBD

Position Description:
The Engagement Specialist will provide technical support to health care stakeholders in engaging patients and families in improvement activities.  This role will facilitate learning about patient/family centered care practice in hospitals, health systems, primary care settings, community-based organizations, state, and federal agencies.  Additionally, the engagement specialist will support national efforts to improve behavioral health, chronic disease management, patient safety, care transitions, and long-term care utilizing patient family engagement (PFE) as an active strategy.

Due to the nature of PFCCpartners’ work and this role particularly – activities performed in the role of Engagement Specialist may not be described here and below.  Opportunities to grow personally and professionally are ample in PFCCpartners.

Position Responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities Brief Description of Duties
PFE Technical Expert
  • Facilitate health care organizations to engage patient and family Advisors.
  • Facilitate partnerships that provide value in support of strategic priorities in health care.
  • Serve as a technical expert at meetings, panels, and conferences.
  • Support the development of new training, programming, and materials
  • Support program deliverables as needed.
Project Management
  • Track progress of patient family centered care journey in health systems.
  • Create implementation plans and facilitate uptake of patient family engagement projects within partner organizations.
  • Manage patient family engagement and quality improvement across portfolio of programs.
  • Support the delivery of PFE trainings to health care organizations.

Desired Qualities and Interests:

  • A core belief that all patients and families deserve high quality health care.
  • 3+ years of experience with patient family engagement/ patient-centered care.
  • 3+ years of experience contributing to or leading quality improvement efforts in healthcare.
  • Effective communication and an ability to establish partnerships.
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel experience.

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