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Core Competencies of Effective Partners Training (CCT)



Join us for a 2-part online series, Core Competencies of Effective Partners. This

training will provide an opportunity to all Advisors who are interested in building their skills. The sessions will review the 5 Core Competencies for Effective Advisors. We will also review how to apply the Core Competencies to your role for greater impact.

Advisors who participate will:

  • Become teachers of Patient Family Centered Care (PFCC).
  • Use their own experiences as examples of the core concepts of PFCC.
  • Be empowered to partner with clinical and non-clinical staff as a strategy for improving care.
  • Understand the responsibility of representing all patients and families.
  • Practice their ability to share experiences which lead to collaborative learning.
  • Understand the 5 Core Competencies of effective Patient Family Advisors.
  • Connect to the larger community of Patient Family Advisors locally, regionally, and nationally for resources and support.

Another training coming later this year!


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