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Communicating Health Resources

Delirium Prevention, Detection, and Treatment in Emergency Medicine Settings: A Geriatric Emergency Care Applied Research (GEAR) Network Scoping Review and Consensus Statement

Health Data Sharing to Support Better Outcomes:
Building a Foundation of Stakeholder Trust
A Special Publication from the National Academy of Medicine

Planetree Person-Centered Guidelines for Preserving Family Presence in Challenging Times

AHRQ Toolkit

AIR Roadmap to Patient Family Engagement in Healthcare

Disparities Solutions Center

Learn about the impactful work going on at the Disparities Solutions Center.  Take a look at the informative Guide produced to support efforts to reduce disparities in healthcare.

Health Literacy Tips by Jennifer Pearce

NQF Issues Vital Guidance to Improve Shared Decision Making Between Patients and Healthcare Providers

About NQF

The National Quality Forum (NQF) is the nation’s resource for healthcare quality measurement and improvement. NQF is an independent, not-for-profit, membership-based organization that brings healthcare stakeholders together to recommend quality measures and improvement strategies that reduce costs and help patients get better care.

About NQP

National Quality Partners™ (NQP™), an NQF initiative, is an active forum for NQF members to connect, collaborate, and provide thought leadership on quality improvement strategies to achieve national health and healthcare quality goals. NQP leads practical, action-oriented initiatives to drive meaningful and lasting change for patients and their families. Learn more at

Patient Family Health Care Leaders Resource Compendium July 2015

Institute of Medicine

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute Engagement Tool and Resource Repository

Stewarding Regional Health Transformation – A Guide for Changemakers

Transforming our regional health means whole-scale redesign and integration of all the forces that support health and well being. To truly redesign local systems for radically better health, care, and economic prosperity in their regions, members of collaborative leadership teams must establish high aspirations and steward a change effort through distinct phases of transformation. They must create the long-term structures for active engagement of all the relevant participants—including residents—in stewarding shared resources. This Stewardship Guide is meant to help individual leaders and multi-sector collaborations create and sustain successful stewardship structures and change processes to lead regional transformation. It is meant for those who are looking to redesign their systems of health for radically better performance—creating and achieving a transformed system that will help individuals, families, and neighborhoods thrive with better health, lower costs, increased access to care, and improved equity and productivity for all.

Quality Innovation Network (QIN) videos

Quality Improvement for Regular People

Healthcare QI Models

Virtual Visit Patient Guide

Virtual Visit Patient Guide (Spanish)

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