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About Us

Welcome to Patient Family Centered Care Partners.  We are a small organization with a large vision for improving the quality, safety, and experience of healthcare through the development of authentic partnerships from the bedside caregiving relationship to the boardroom where programs and policies are established.  PFCCpartners is committed to collaborating with patients, families, physicians, healthcare administrators, nurses, therapists, social workers and all those invested in improving health care.

PFCCpartners supports the commitment to collaboration by engaging in Community, Skills Development, Contracted Projects, and Patient Family Voice.

PFCCpartners was founded in 2010 in response to a request by the healthcare community in southern California for a resource and support network to establish patient family centered care practice in the region.  Founder Libby Hoy is a Patient Family Advisor with more than 20 years experience in partnering with hospitals, healthcare organizations, national health policy organizations and care teams managing her sons’ chronic illness.  The resources and enrichment programs developed for PFCCpartners come from personal experience in the role of PFA for many hospitals and healthcare organizations.  Therefore, the core values of PFCCpartners are:

Representative Voice

PFCCpartners believes in the value of providing the representative voice of patients, to inform the design of programs, policies, and improvement of healthcare systems.  

Teachable Spirit

PFCCpartners values our teachable spirit in our efforts to inform healthcare improvement, constantly seeking knowledge from all of our partnerships so that together we create a learning health system.  


PFCCpartners values and embraces the diversity of culture, experience, region and socio-economic status of all healthcare stakeholders.  


PFCCpartners values authentic, respectful partnerships in which every stakeholder has the opportunity to inform the healthcare system.  


PFCCpartners is committed to building authentic partnership opportunities for every patient and family member across healthcare.


PFCCpartners Mission Statement:

Partner with healthcare organizations and the public to provide a collaborative learning community where the sharing of proven methods, successes, and challenges will guide the development of sustainable Patient Family engagement structures across the healthcare continuum.

PFCCpartners Vision:

Reinvent the healthcare industry so that hospitals, healthcare organizations and stakeholders continuously partner with empowered patients and families as a resource in the co-design of programs, policies, and quality improvement activities.
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    I submitted a nomination for the Harry Orme Award and was having trouble getting the site to accept it. Can you please verify that my nomination got through? Thanks.

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