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A note from PFCCpartners about equity

This is a historical moment in America’s history. The convergence of two pandemics, one an acute infection now illuminating the other, a pandemic so baked into our social structure making it so easy to overlook- except for black American’s who have suffered with this pandemic for decades. PFCCpartners staff share in the grief of the country over the murder of George Floyd. Like too many men and women who have gone before him, the racial injustices against black America have claimed another life. Our hearts hurt thinking of not only those who have lost their lives, but for all those who live under the weight of a system that minimized their humanity. How many great leaders, physicians, scientists, innovators have racism in America extinguished by depriving the black community of equal opportunity?
The healthcare system has long recognized the inequities of care for people of color. Efforts at diversity and inclusion have laid the foundation for progress, but we must do more. Inclusion is a core value of PFCCpartners. Inclusion of all ideas, inclusion of people of all experiences, ethnicity, cultures, health status and lifestyle. Central to our mission is the belief that to truly improve healthcare, we need diverse perspectives to co create a health system that produces better health for all Americans. PFCCpartners welcomes all health care partners and patients and family caregivers with a desire to do the hard work to improve the health care system through partnership.
We have been listening with a humble heart to the voices that have amplified the racism that exists in the healthcare system. Though we have recognized the inequities of care for people of color, we feel compelled to pair our commitment to equity with active strategies to achieve it. While we welcome all who come through our doors, we commit to be proactive to reach people who cannot find our door. Our work must take us to the communities to invite people who have been disempowered to have a voice. We recognize that bringing people to our table may not always be the right approach, but rather we commit to listen humbly and learn from people’s lived experience in the health system, in creative new ways. We commit to learn more about the barriers to participation for people of color and find ways to break those down.
In the coming weeks, PFCCpartners will meet with our Advisory Boards to create an action plan for equity that will challenge our team, our healthcare partners and our PFAnetwork community to confront the realities of racism in the healthcare system. Together with our healthcare partners, we will implement quality improvement strategies that support an equitable health system, which is responsive to the needs of all citizens.
                           We hear the cry, we share the outrage, we commit to equity.
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