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2020 PFCC Conference: A Virtual Skills Exchange Event Page

2020 Conference Banner

Thank you to the 550 people who brought their skills and passion to the 2020 PFCC Conference: A Virtual Skills Exchange.  You left us inspired, informed, and motivated to create a health system that delivers whole-person care to everyone. 

The recordings, slide decks, chat transcripts, and supplemental materials are now available on the session pages below.  Stay tuned for more Virtual Skills Exchange artifacts and resources in follow up.  This was not the end, but the beginning. 

Opening Session

Brave Space Conversation: Partnership in the Face of Two Pandemics
Patrick Gee, Denean Greene and LaToshia Rouse
Facilitated by Ayodola Anise

Breakout Session

Partnering for Better Measurement

Ellen Schultz, Hala Durrah, Hillary Washburn, Derek Forfang

Networking Session

Not Your Normal Virtual Happy Hour
A 10 Year Celebration

Opening Mindful Exercise and Panel

Mindfulness Exercise
Abhi Dalal
Partnership Panel
Rosie Bartel, Carlos Benavides, Eli Quisenberry, and Gilbert Salinas
Facilitated by Libby Hoy

Breakout Session

No One Dies Alone: A Story of Compassion

Michelle Bogarin, Paulette Bradley, Erika Martinez

Breakthroughs to Evaluate your PAC’s Effectiveness

Linda Fahey, Kerry Litman, Mike Adamson, Susan Mahler

PFAC’s and Behavioral Health

Glenn Kopelson, Martha Browning, Steve Cohen, Maria Monica Dela Cruz

Lasting Lessons about Measuring What Matters

Alexis Malfesi, Theresa Schmidt, Stephen Hoy

Breakout Session

Creating a Culture of Safety Together

Donna Provenzano, Patricia O’Hanlon, Linda Waddell

Patient Family Advisors in Merger and Acquisition

Mary Lynne Knighten, Alice Gunderson, Derek Drake, Clarice Crossley

Health Literacy: Please Don’t Ask if I Understand

James Harrison, Melissa Wurst, Martha Carnie

Shared Learning Session and Closing Comments

Shared Learning Session: Moving Ideas into Action in a Virtual World
Sue Collier, Tara Bristol Rouse, Lindsey Galli

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