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2020 Patient Family Advisor Summit

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PFA Summit Report Highlights Recommendations for Patient and Family Engagement in Measure Development

unnamedHarnessing the stories, ideas, and innovations of patient and caregiver partners is the key to making measurement meaningful. The 2020 PFA Summit was a co-design event aimed at advancing patient/family partnership in healthcare measurement activities. Patient & Family Advisors (PFA) collaborated with measurement experts to strengthen partnership and address barriers to valuable engagement. With authentic partnership as a north star, PFA Summit participants recommended:

· Establishing a mentorship and coaching program

· Partnering with payers and foundations funding measure     development

· Insisting on diversity and the inclusion of historically       underrepresented populations

· Developing guidance on compensation for PFA                          contributions to measure development.

Learn more about the barriers and priorities identified at the PFA Summit in the Outcomes Report.


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