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Confidant & Comfortable Patients Engage

June 26, 2013

Confidant & Comfortable

My very first blog. Thank you E Patient Dave, for renewing my belief that I have something of value to offer. That’s really what patient & family centered care is all about, opening the door to patients & families to contribute value to their own care processes. As the mom of three young men living with mitochondrial disease, I didn’t have an expectation that we would be happy patients, to me that is an oxymoron. I did, however hope that I (and eventually the boys) would be confidant to contribute to their own care in a healthcare environment in which we are comfortable to do so.

Across our more then 20 years of experience in the healthcare system, we have encountered providers who have opened the door to us figuratively and quite literally, so that we could provide the essential information we had to contribute to care planning. Because we were partnered with our providers, we trusted them with our fears and our hurdles to providing the care the boys required. We shared our strengths and together nurtured them into the skills needed to meet the challenges of raising three boys with special health care needs.

Last week I sat in the background as my oldest son navigated his own surgical experience with a new physician. When he told me about his new doc, he talked about how he listened to my son’s desire to get back up and mobile as soon as possible. That he didn’t want to be out of work, that he had a vacation coming up and wanted to heal well. The Doctor valued my son’s priorities and told him what he would need to do in order to meet his goals. In return, this physician received the extensive medical history he needed to assure a safe and healthy outcome. The doctor opened the door and invited my son to be confidant & comfortable to contribute to his care.

Libby Hoy is the Founder of PFCC Partners and lives in Long Beach, CA.

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